Male Chastity in Modern Society

March 19, 2017

Right now, male chastity in modern society is definitely not mainstream. At least… not yet.

But there are some very encouraging signs that it’s becoming more common and more acceptable, and not only in ‘fringe’ groups where you’d expect it, either. Here are some surprising facts and observations about…

Male chastity in modern society

First, there are dozens of businesses out there specialising selling male chastity devices – and a good number of them are made-to-measure by some real craftsmen. And they’re not cheap – you can pay over $1,000 without even trying for one of these devices, no problem. Even the mass-produced ‘entry level’ products like the CB3000 and CB6000 are not cheap – expect to pay over $100 for one of those.

Secondly, men are tending to be more open about their sexuality. While there still is the underlying hint that a man who craves male chastity must be in some way submissive or weak (absolutely not true), more and more men are being open about their ‘kink’. Much of this is down to the ease with which it is now possible to connect with like-minded adults on forums and blogs on the Internet (although you need to be careful – the vast majority of bloggers and posters are either complete fantasists or idiots because what they write is plainly invented. This can be a problem for men and women seeking sane and factual information about male chastity).

Thirdly, women, too, are becoming more open about their sexuality and are starting to realise, again partly because of the information easily available on the ‘net, that the male chastity lifestyle is not only fairly normal as kinks go, but is actually less about sex and more about physical and emotional intimacy than you’d think at first glance.

And fourthly, I have noticed recently in some pretty mainstream magazines, articles and references on the ‘how to improve your sex life’ theme that have actually described a basic form of male chastity without actually coming out and calling it that (it may well be they don’t even know it’s called that). This is truly intriguing and I can’t wait to see how this develops. Imagine it – it would take only one of the big women’s magazines like Cosmo to take up a story about male chastity and run with it to explode the lifestyle into the mainstream.

And it is all possible because safe, sound and sane male chastity has real and measurable benefits to most relationships when it’s approached in the right way by both of you. And given the alarming statistics around marriage and divorce, this can only be a good thing.

Of course the quality of the information is important – if you read the typical Blog or forum you’ll come away appalled, disgusted or terrified… and definitely disillusioned and misinformed. So it pays to get your information from a genuine lifestyle couple who are living this 24/7 and in it for the long-term, doesn’t it?

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